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10/11/2022 - MultiSIBControl 1.7
- Fixed some bugs
- Added support for more inverter types
- Added support for monitoring of second stack of Pylontech batteries without need of HUB
- Removed support for combined (RS485+console) monitoring of Pylontech as it is not needed anymore. Monitoring using "console" port gives complete and detailed data
- Fixed database and other code to properly support up to 32x batteries
- Added support for external web/ip devices. Currently possible to read data from OpenEVSE, Shelly EM and Shelly 1PM
- Added support for TXT language files
- Increased the selections for max charge current to 160A per inverter
- Added function to export graph data as CSV
- Added new report for PV generation comparison month-by-month
- Added support for system start/stop/error events in Device control
- Added support for battery and inverter connect/disconnect events in Device control

11/12/2021 - MultiSIBControl 1.6
- Fixed various problems Pylontech "C" batteries and new Pylontech firmware (like wrong cycle count and recommended charge current)
- Fixed USB connection issues on some inverter models
- Fixed some bugs related to Device control rules
- Added naming and option to enable/disable Device control rules
- Added functionality to change inverter mode with Device control rules
- Added functionality to send actual inverter/pylontech values with the URLs in Device control. This can be achieved by using one of the following placeholders in the URLs:

27/04/2021 - MultiSIBControl 1.4
- Fixed Pylontech cycle count reading through console cable. Now each battery should display the correct cycles when using console connection.
- Added support for USB and SUB modes
- Added condition for SOC% to mode schedules
- Added charging mode change schedules
- Added saved kWh and saved money calculation in the reports. The cost per kWh should be configured in Settings.

13/03/2021 - MultiSIBControl 1.3
- fixed problems with Pylontech C batteries
- Improved graphs
- Support for extra parameters on PVOutput (need to be configured in Settings)
- Added error reporting/logging for Pylontech batteries
- Added Pylontech individual cell voltages and temperatures display on main screen
- Added time to full charge display on main screen
- Fixed incorrect PV2 reading on some inverters
- Added hourly/daily/annual MAX values to the reports
- Added function to Export data to CSV

10/11/2020 - MultiSIBControl 1.2
- fixed a bug with invereter mode control for systems without Pylontech batteries
- added Device Control feature which allows to control external devices through URL shortcuts

01/10/2020 - MultiSIBControl 1.1
- reporting to PVOutput
- support for "critical battery SOC%" - The system will switch and keep inverters in GRID mode when SOC% goes below selected critical level.
- time schedules for controlling invereter mode - The system can switch between GRID/BATTERY modes at specific time of day.
- support for continuous/single SOC control mode - In continuous mode the system will constantly monitor inverter modes and always switch to GRID/BATTERY based on SOC%. In single mode the system will switch only at specified SOC%. This way it is possible to use schedules/manual switch and SOC% control at the same time.

09/09/2020 - MultiSIBControl 1.0R8
- fixed issues with USB connection on some inverter models
- fixed a problem with RS485 communication to Pylontech
- fixed a problem with parallel inverters which have equal serial numbers

19/08/2020 - MultiSIBControl 1.0