MultiSIBControl is a software tool for monitoring and control of PIP/Axpert inverters and Pylon tech batteries.

MultiSIBControl 1.6 is available for download. Please everyone update to the latest version as older versions will soon expire!

Version 1.6 changes:
- Fixed various problems Pylontech "C" batteries and new Pylontech firmware (like wrong cycle count and recommended charge current)
- Fixed USB connection issues on some inverter models
- Fixed some bugs related to Device control rules
- Added naming and option to enable/disable Device control rules
- Added functionality to change inverter mode with Device control rules
- Added functionality to send actual inverter/pylontech values with the URLs in Device control. This can be achieved by using one of the following placeholders in the URLs:
Version 1.4 changes:
- Fixed Pylontech cycle count reading through console cable. Now each battery should display the correct cycles when using console connection.
- Added support for USB and SUB modes
- Added condition for SOC% to mode schedules
- Added charging mode change schedules
- Added saved kWh and saved money calculation in the reports. The cost per kWh should be configured in Settings.
Version 1.3 changes:
- fixed problems with Pylontech C batteries
- Improved graphs
- Support for extra parameters on PVOutput (need to be configured in Settings)
- Added error reporting/logging for Pylontech batteries
- Added Pylontech individual cell voltages and temperatures display on main screen
- Added time to full charge display on main screen
- Fixed incorrect PV2 reading on some inverters
- Added hourly/daily/annual MAX values to the reports
- Added function to Export data to CSV
Version 1.2 changes:
- fixed a bug with invereter mode control for systems without Pylontech batteries
- added Device Control feature which allows to control external devices through URL shortcuts
Version 1.1 changes:
- reporting to PVOutput
- support for "critical battery SOC%" - The system will switch and keep inverters in GRID mode when SOC% goes below selected critical level.
- time schedules for controlling invereter mode - The system can switch between GRID/BATTERY modes at specific time of day.
- support for continuous/single SOC control mode - In continuous mode the system will constantly monitor inverter modes and always switch to GRID/BATTERY based on SOC%. In single mode the system will switch only at specified SOC%. This way it is possible to use schedules/manual switch and SOC% control at the same time.

Version 1.0R8 changes:
- fixed issues with USB connection on some inverter models
- fixed a problem with RS485 communication to Pylontech
- fixed a problem with parallel inverters which have equal serial numbers

Download MultiSIBControl 1.6

MultiSIBControl reads and displays data from one or multiple PIP/Axpert or compatible solar inverters. It can also read and display data from Pylontech batteries.
It can also automatically control the inverter mode (battery/grid) based on Pylontech SOC and also controls battery max charging current based on Pylontech BMS data.
The data from inverters is acquired either by USB or RS232/serial communication. Each inverter should be connected with a separate cable to the computer. This is to ensure better data rate and latency. Reading all inverters data from a single inverter (in parralel setup) is unreliable as data comes with bug delays and very low sampling rate.
The data from Pylontech is qcquired either by RS232 connection to the console port or RS485 to the dedicated port. The RS232/Console does not require special brand of USB-to-Serial cable, most of the cheap adapters will work fine. The RS485 will require USB-to-RS485 adapter. Both Console and RS485, however, have some limitations - RS485 data has low precission for current readings (100mA, compared to 1mA on console port), while RS232 does not give Cycle count for each battery. That's why we also added a combined mode where some data comes from RS232 while other comes from RS485.
The data is continuously written to a database so that we can generate any kind of reports. Data can also be uploaded to EMONCMS server.

MultiSIBControl currently runs on Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10. It requires .NET Framework 3.5 (which is usually already installed on Windows).

Here is how to get started:
- Download and install MultiSIBControl software
- Connect your inverter(s). You can use either USB or RS232 connection cables. Each inverter should be connected with a separate cable to the computer.
- Connect Pylontech batteries. You can use RS232 connection to console port or RS485 connection to the dedicated port on Pylontech batteries. The system can also read both ports at the same time (some data is not accurate on RS232 while other data is not accurate on RS485). Only the master battery should be connected to the computer. The system will automatically detect the number of batteries and their size).
- Start MultiSIBControl software and open Settings
- Configure Inverter connection method (USB or RS232).
- Configure Pylontech connection method and ports.
- Set PV array sizes.
- Set the additional options - emoncms upload, SOC control, charge current control, etc.
- Press OK to save settings
- Now the system should detect your inverters and batteries and should diplay information on the main screen as shown below.
- All data from the screen is continuously writen in the database while the appliction is running.

The main screen (MONITORING) of the application is divided into 4 sections:
- totals - Shows total data from all inverters and batteries. Also displays daily min/max values.
- inverter details - Shows separate data for each connected inverter in a table.
- pylon details - Shows separate data for each battery in a table.
- live data graph - Shows line graph with live consumption/production/battery load/charge data.
- There are also buttons to manually switch to grid or battery mode.

The TOTALS screen is for viewing hourly/daily/weekly/monthly/annual totals from database.
- Click on one of the buttons to generate and display data.
- If you check "Show PV details" then details for each PV array will be displayed as well so that you can check production and efficiency of separate arrays.
- If you check "Show Pylon details" then details for each battery will be displayed as well.

The GRAPH screen is for viewing various reports from database. We will add further reports in future versions.
- You can click on parameter titles to hide/show on graph.

The CONSOLE screen is for sending commands directly to inverter or Pylontech.

The INVERTER CONFIG screen is for reading/writing configuration options to inverters.
- You have to select inverter on top first. Then system will read and display current configuration data from selected inverter.
- Then you can change an option. After that the system will diplay buttons "Write" and "write to all". If you click "Write" the new value will be written to currently selected inverter only. If you click "Write to all" then the new value will be written to all connected inverters.


- A computer that runs Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (32/64), Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11
- Microsoft .NET Framework Version 3.5 (or a newer version). Free, available from www.microsoft.com.
- USB or serial inverter connection cable
- RS232/console and/or RS485 Pylontech connection cable
- Approximately 2GB storage space per year for the database
- 1.5GHz CPU and better recommended

For further details and question please write to support@multisibcontrol.net.